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about Welcome to my Blog. I am dedicated to the fine art of photography, but not as dedicated to blogging so far. I am blessed to have a full life and work in a profession that I love. My blog will not only be about my studio and what goes on here, but will include what goes on in my life and what interests me. I will try to update my blog weekly, at least. So please check back often or subscribe and you will know when it has been update automatically. You can always reach me @203-483-6772 or check out the website

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I'm so grateful that Ray and Julianne shared their little guys first days with me. I'm not sure I would have been up to getting out of the house after having major surgery.  There must be a big dose of Mommy tolerance for pain when all your love and attention is focused on this new little person that you've brought into the world.  Raymond was the perfect little c-section baby and the best sleeper. Just love these little people!!!! Thanks again for sharing your little guy with me and letting me share him as well.

Since I'm so in love with photographing these little ones, I am offering special package pricing for newborn sessions.

What a great baby shower gift for a mom to be.

For the Month of May, the session fee (usually, $200), 1-8x10 & 2-5x7 prints (usually $175.) and a high resolution digital file  (usually $100)  of your favorite image, (great for DIY birth announcements) will be $375.00 for the package  (usually $475.00).

Baby not due until June or November?  Purchase the gift certificate or book your session with a deposit this month and receive the package price.


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To cute for words, but I'll try.  I took a workshop recently that was so inspiring.  I learned lots of fun techniques for keeping newborns happy.  Mom of course knows the tricks already.

What I learned was it take hours to get these shots, you have to get the temperature up to 80 + degrees in the studio and the baby HAS to be photographed within the first 10 days.  So with that in mind, I'm taking appointments for you expecting parents out there now.

This little one, Olivia is her name, just came into the world 10 days ago.  She's so precious and was so good.  Even at 10 days she knew we wanted her to sleep, so of course, she wanted to be wide awake.  She finally got tired enough and I was able to create a few different images for Mom to choose from.   This is my new passion, so you'll be seeing more of these precious gifts.

P.S.  the other thing I learned, is that when the diaper is off, anything and everything WILL happen.  And it did.  So, I learned I'll be doing lots of laundry after each shoot and this session include washing the curtains from the window.  You can use you're imagination.

Thank you Lindsay for sharing Olivia with me.

Stay Tuned for more for more newborns......such a special time!!

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Here is a recent favoriteFairbarn-10.20.0582-2

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Check out those beautiful eyes!  I photographed Chloe a few years ago by the Studio's North light window. She was holding her favorite bunny, gazing out at the world.  You can see that image of her as a little girl in the background of the top image. The bunny is back and looking like he/she was well loved over the years. Someone has taken great love and care to keep him/her sewn together over the years. The image on the top, with her bunny was awarded a platinum and the one on the white background, got a high gold.

We were also photographing Chloe that day for a competition that she was entering and her photograph won overall high score for 12 and under at the Star Systems Regional Dance Competition. She also won for her jazz solo.  Way to go Chloe!!  Congratulations!!  We did some images with her brother that day and she showed me her talent and "extreme" flexibility.   She's SO talented.  We wil have to keep an eye on her down the line.  As you can see, her brother will also be one to watch.  He's quite an animated little boy who can keep up with his big sister every step of the way.


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What a pleasure it was to work with Vicky the other day.  I last photographer her and all her sisters a few years back.  I think there were six of them (?). What a nice family!!!  Vicky came in with an idea and we worked together to create this image that would clearly tell the view "come in, I'm here to help and welcome you"  I found this info on her website and see the headshot it already up.  Vicky is a woman of Action!    "Vicky Welch is the agent who commands the attention of Sellers and Buyers. Her serious commitment and mastership of the real estate market exudes an air of confidence. Her congeniality and her understanding of each client's needs have earned her a loyal following and extensive network. Fueled by her achievements, Vicky is one single agent who brings her extensive portfolio to each real estate opportunity. She approaches each opportunity as the single most important transaction of her career. This unique approach has garnered her numerous awards in the field. The most important of which is serving you."



* Top 1% Agents Nationwide
* Top Producer 2009 - 2012
* Chairman Elite Club
* Exceptional Property Specialist* Top Selling Agent 2009-2012
* Top Listing Agent 2009- 2012
* Unique and Luxury Division
* Top Mortgage Support
* Ct. Magazine 5 Star Agent 2011/2012

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I've been looking through and filing things away from last year and I have so many great images to share.  I get so overwhelmed and don't know where to begin.  I'll start with Lucy, who has the MOST amazing blue eyes.  Just like her mother. These are a few from our Christmas shoot. Enjoy





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I have been photographing these you adults since they were babies. What a pleasure it has been to watch them grow into such nice young adults.

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I’ve been meaning to post these for a while.  I got a call recently from a mom that I hadn’t heard from in quite a while. I had photographed her two children many times when they were young.  She was calling because that little girl that I photographed is pregnant and due in March.  This will be the first baby of a baby that I have ever photographed, and yes, I’m feeling a bit like a grandma.  The first thing to do was get her in for maternity images.  She arrived with Chris and when I saw her tattoos, I was in awe.  The artwork was done so well, she looked so beautiful, and she had the good fortune to not have one stretch mark.  The two of them are going to have the most beautiful child!  Check back for those photos.

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The exhibit at the Willoughby Wallace Library in Stony Creek opens this Sunday, March 4th 4-6pm .  Been working hard framing and getting ready. Hope to see you there.  The previous post has all the details.

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The first of the year always brings me an impossible list of things to do.  I've been busy preparing for an exhibit in March.  There is a great gallery space within the Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library in Stony Creek.  Every year they invite artists to submit work for the coming year.  Artists are offered the whole space for solo exhibits or they will pair up different artists for each month.  The day you drop off your samples for consideration is a really great show in and of itself.  They have only this one Sunday that everyone drops off there artwork and it's stacked on all the walls.  Large sculptors, fiber art, huge canvas and all sorts of amazing creations that the committee will review and decide on.  Somehow, they get this done in one evening and you pick up your artwork the next day, then you wait for your letter. On my second try, I was invited to take the space for a solo exhibit in March.  It's a wonderful, well lit space and I have lots of long walls to fill.  The question is, what to frame and show.  It's so hard to edit your own work when it comes to the fine artwork  images.Unlike portraits, you're not dependent on the expression of the person in the image to dictates what is the best shot.  You have to consider so much more, color, lighting composition and the strength of the image on it's own or perhaps as a group.  By first hurdle was coming up with a title and choosing images for the postcard that will invite people to the opening.  It's called "People, Places and Things"  opening on  March 4th, I hope you can make it.



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